The price for application and additional extensions
depends on the region where an event takes place




Up to 10 participants
Data storage 3 months

  • All main functions
  • Technical support
  • Without training
  • Without extensions


Up to 120 participants
Data storage for 1 year

  • Basic feature set
  • Technical support
  • 1 specialist training
  • Extensions can be added


Up to 360 participants (need more?)
Data storage for 1 year

  • Basic feature set
  • Technical support
  • 2 specialists training
  • One extension included

Additional options for the plans:

  • + 1 participant to the plan
    can be added to the free plan
  • + 50 participants to the plan
    can be added to the free plan
  • + 100 participants to the plan
    can be added to the plans BAZ!S.120 and BAZ!S.360
  • + 500 participants to the plan
    can be added to the plans BAZ!S.120 and BAZ!S.360
  • + 1000 participants to the plan
    can be added to the plans BAZ!S.120 and BAZ!S.360
  • ∞ event participants
    exclusive opportunity for some events
  • +6 months data access
    if you did not have time to save the data or you need more time to access the data

Extension modules:

  • Personal files

    Tickets, vouchers, closing documents individually for each participant
  • +1000Mb for storing files
    includes 30 additional days of access
  • +30 days data access, without increasing the disc space
    any volume of stored data
  • Ticket selling

    Create landing pages and accept payments from event participants
  • Seat reservation

    Draw seat layouts and make reservations
  • Gamification

    Game mechanics for your event. Price per participant.
  • QUIZ-builder
    a tool for making up quizzes without limiting the number of games created
  • Quest-builder
    a tool for making up quests without limiting the number of tasks created
  • Area map and places of interest

    A selection of useful features for business travel participants and traveling conferences
  • Product Showcase

    Offer additional services to your event participants
    used to accept orders directly from the application
  • Auction
    arrange auctions for the most interesting products
  • "Сashbox" application
    for making purchases and debiting the funds in the application
  • Affiliate programs

    Offer event participants discounts from partners and make money on it
  • +30 days of use of extension
    if one month wasn't enough
  • Advertising blocks

    Place information about partners and sponsors inside the application
  • Rotation of ad units
    maximum use of advertising space
  • +4 standard positions
    if you need more space to advertise partners
  • Access to analytics for partners
    Give affiliates full control over their ads
  • Networking +

    Provide event participants with maximum interaction opportunities
  • Meet Point Lite
    adds an editor for the list of meeting places, in case of a large number
  • Meet Point Pro
    editor of the list of places for meetings + booking system for participants in these places
  • Meet Point Mega
    editor for meeting place list + seat reservation system + branding of meeting place cards for partners/sponsors
  • Floor plans and hall schemes

    Floor plans, exhibitor cards, POS materials
  • +1 day of the exhibition
    for the third and subsequent days
  • +30 exhibition days
    if you need constant service
  • Personal accounts
    for the whole period

Integration with third party services:

  • Integration with ZAIPER
    Data exchange with 1500+ services and applications
  • Integration with TILDA
    Get registered user data directly into the app
  • Integration with SPEAKUS.CLUB
    Online simultaneous translation for your event

Turnkey application development:

  • Design development
    Individual application design for your event
  • Building the application
  • App placement in the App Store and Google Market
    To the current account on behalf of the customer

Мобильное приложение

  • Мобильное приложение для конференции
  • Мобильное приложение для концерта
  • Мобильное приложение для фестиваля
  • Мобильное приложение для выставки
  • Мобильное приложение для семинара
  • Мобильное приложение для мероприятия

Возможности MULTIEVENT

  • Подробная программа мероприятия
  • Вопросы спикерам
  • Визитные карточки спикеров и партнёров
  • Хранилище материалов презентаций
  • Регистрация участников мероприятия
  • Проведение опросов и голосований
  • Нетворкинг для участников
  • Генерация бейджей


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