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Event program

How it works:

Create an event

In our admin panel, you create an event and fill it with content: program, guests, sponsors, library and much more

Place a QR code at the entrance or at the invitation

You can allow free registration or pre-enter data about all participants in the system to restrict entry to the application for outsiders

Event participants scan a QR code

Participants in the event scan the QR using our application and get access to the entire infrastructure of the event: the program, lists of participants and speakers, a library of materials.

Interact with event attendees

Get feedback, conduct polls and votes, notify all participants about a program change with one click

Basic features of the application

Detailed event program

Combine the program of your event in days, blocks, groups. Highlight events from different themes with color. Describe all the events in the cards, attaching speaker cards and useful links to them.

List of speakers or guests

Tell more about speakers and guests of the event: photos, biography, useful links and contacts - all that is needed to better present them to all participants of the event.

List of partners and sponsors

Make your event more attractive for partners: post information about them on the application pages and familiarize participants with their services or products.

What else is included in the base features of the application

Useful features that will increase the effectiveness of your event

Access by QR code

Place individual QR codes of participants on invitation tickets or place a banner with a QR code of the event in the hall - for each participant will be created a personal account with the information important for him.

Messaging system

Participants can ask speakers or organizers questions directly from the application.
The most interesting chats can be displayed on the screen.

Library of useful materials

Place links to presentations, handouts and other useful data within the application and you will not have to control the process by which participants receive this information. Materials can be published immediately, by timer or with a single click on the button, whenever you want.

Participants’ networking

There is a list of all participants of the event in the application.
Everyone can write a message to someone, ask a question or arrange a meeting.


Start voting at any time and quickly get feedback from all participants.

PUSH notifications

Your participants will not miss anything important, because notifications of schedule changes or news come immediately.


The cost of the application depends on the scale of the event.


up to 10 participants


All basic features

technical support

extra modules


up to 120 participants


All basic features

Technical support
via e-mail

Inclusion of extra modules
is available


up to 360 participants


All basic features

Technical support
via e-mail

One extra module
is already in the price


no limits

Let’s discuss

All basic features

technical support

Inclusion of any extra modules
according to your wishes

Extra modules

Upgrade your application with extra modules:

Personal files

Place bills, tickets, vouchers for participants in the system

This module, unlike the library of useful materials, allows you to upload personal documents to the system:

  • Invoices and closing documents
  • Individual transport tickets
  • Hotel check-in vouchers
  • and any other personal files.

Files are stored in the secure part of the server and are accessible only by secret link.

Seat reservation

This module will allow participants of your event to reserve a place in a hall, a working group or any other meeting with a limited number of participants.

This extension will be very useful at your event if you intend to divide all participants into audiences that have a limited number of seats.
You independently determine for which categories of participants the reservation will be available and how many people can declare their participation.
Participants of your event can reserve a seat in the hall or cancel their reservation.

Ticket selling

Create a landing page to promote your event and sell tickets. Everyone who buys a ticket will automatically receive a personal QR code to access the application.

Use this extension if you plan to sell tickets for your event. The plugin includes a fully customizable page with a description of your event, the possibility to connect multiple payment systems, full control and statistics.

Gamification - collect points

Allow event attendees to earn points for any activity.

Encourage the activity of participants in your event: award points for interesting questions to speakers or participation in debates at conferences, sports achievements or victories in intellectual competitions.
You can display an individual or team rating.
Compatible with “Store” module

"Store" in the application

With this module, participants can spend their "credit" or points earned on what you offer them through the store.

Give “credit” to the event participants or allow them to earn it through the "Gamification" extension module.
The internal balance can be written off for purchases, at a bar or in any other mechanics that suits you for any goods or services to participants:

  • Extra drinks at the party
  • Souvenirs
  • Raising your status at the event

Affiliate programs

Offer a discounts in affiliate restaurants and shops near your event’s location for the participants of your event and benefit from such cooperation.

Your event’s partners will bring you additional profit: place discount coupons for partner services in the application and send a crowd of customers to them.
For used coupons, event participants will receive not only discounts, but also points within the application that can be exchanged for any bonuses from you.
The extension is combined with the "Gamification" and "Store" modules or works as an independent module.

The application can be installed on a phone or tablet:

Turn-key mobile application

Want to show an even higher class of event? Order a branded interface for application.

Not used to compromise? Do you like to control everything from A to Z?
Then we will create a mobile application specially for your event: full branding, separate placement in the AppStore and Google Play, any functionality according to your choice.

The service is already available to order.
Implementation period: from 15 to 30 days.

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